Ep04 Dian Fossey

In the fourth episode of Hot Tea & Cold Cases, the girls will travel deep into the jungle to discuss the amazing life of Dian Fossey and her horrific murder. We will dive into her time with the gorillas and the amazing work she contributed to gorilla conservation, the disgusting act of poaching, and a review of existing theories on her murder. If you are interested in supporting and saving gorillas, check out the website dedicated to Dian’s mission at: https://gorillafund.org

Sorry for the delay…

Hi everyone! We are sorry to share that we will not be uploading a podcast this week. Due to technical difficulties (Alexa getting sick) we are unable to upload on our regular schedule.

Don’t worry, we will be uploading our episode on Dian Fossey Wednesday the 17th! Be sure to tune in to hear about her amazing work and untimely death.

Thank you for being understanding and we look forward to everyone tuning in next week!


Ali & Alexa

Ep03 The Black Dahlia

In the third episode of Hot Tea & Cold Cases, the girls will be discussing one of the most famous cold cases in history. The horrific killing and dismemberment of Elizabeth Short a.k.a. The Black Dahlia has been a huge topic for crime buffs and amateur investigators alike. Listen to the girls talk about the details of the case, possible suspects, and a dreamy homicide detective that Alexa had a little too much fun thinking about… Tune in to find out what we think!

Ep02 The Somerton Man

In the second episode of Hot Tea & Cold Cases, the girls will jump head first into a pool of mysteries, codes, and espionage. This week’s episode we will be discussing the curious murder of the Somerton Man. We will recount evidence and statements about the crime as well as put together pieces and theories of this mysterious man. Is it a sad tale of a scorned lover that ended in suicide? Or is it more secretive and a possible coverup for espionage? Tune in to find out what we think!
Code found in the book that was linked to the Somerton Man.
Alexa’s food poisoning incident.

Meet the Girls

Hi! We are the voices behind the podcast: Hot Tea & Cold Cases. We became friends in 2010, our freshman year of high school – the year when Angry Birds was downloaded on everyone’s iPod touch, Glee was in full swing, and we were fully convinced we were going to become Youtube famous. Unfortunately for us, our Youtube careers of Dance Dares did not take off – so we decided to try our hand at podcasting almost 10 years later.

We instantly connected as friends that loved to eat junk food and play Call of Duty (Zombies obviously) for almost 18 hours straight – NOT an exaggeration. Our friendship maintained strong during those four years of high school, and almost every weekend we would have sleepovers alternating houses. Long story short, as cool as we may seem now, we were NOT popular in high school – but the people that weren’t popular in high school always tend to be the most popular OUT of high school… right?

We then started college after graduating high school in 2014. Thankfully, we both graduated with Bachelor’s degrees in 2018 in fields we love! Alexa is happily engaged and working in her field of study, and Ali is currently pursuing Master’s degrees and working in her field of study.

We both love animals, music, dancing, laughing, and coffee. We ultimately decided to start podcasting because 1. We think we are absolutely hilarious and 2. We can talk about one topic for days on end – so naturally, a podcast seemed like a good hobby to get into. We both are super interested in crime, mysteries and ghost stories, so we decided the best topic for us to talk about would be cold cases because in one way or another, we decided we could fit those topics into our theme.

Always feel free to reach out to us if you have any further questions! Get to know us more by tuning into our podcasts and get a taste of our personalities and humor.

Oh, did we mention that we LOVE coffee?