Introducing… Hot Tea & Frosty Hauntings

Hello Hot Tea & Cold Cases family! We hope you have been enjoying our cold case series thus far. We are very excited to announce that after a few conversations on topics and passions we are interested in pursuing on this podcast – we have decided to create a sub-series for our podcast titled Hot Tea & Frosty Hauntings. This sub-series will feature all things haunted and spooky! Motivation for this podcast has come from the dynamic of Ali loving all things scary and Halloween and Alexa interested and intrigued by the spook but also deathly afraid (HA HA get it.. deathly). We hope to build an audience of current listeners interested in learning more about all things paranormal as well as attract new followers. Not to fret for our die hard true crime fans that couldn’t care less about the paranormal – we will continue to record podcasts dedicated to true crime cold cases, but we will add this sub-series for a little extra flair.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns – in the meantime – stay excited for our first episode of Hot Tea & Cold Cases – Frosty Hauntings sub-series that will premier next Wednesday (July 24th)!


Ali & Alexa

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