Break Time…


You may have noticed we did not post a podcast last week… Unfortunately we will not be posting a new podcast until August 21st!

Why, you might ask?

Well… ALEXA GOT MARRIED!!! Considering that one half on the dynamic duo of Hot Tea & Cold Cases is having the time of her life on her honeymoon… the girls are unable to record and post content while she is out.

We are sad to have to take a break from podcasting for a while… but when we come back we want our listeners to expect great content from here on out! Also keep up to date with our social media accounts because we plan to have some S p O o K y surprises in store for the month of October.

If you are craving some more content from us, be sure to listen to our first installment of Hot Tea & Cold Cases – Frosty Hauntings, as well as any previous podcast you might have missed. We are now on Apple Music, Google Play, and Spotify!

Until next time –
Ali and Alexa

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