Ep06 The Cleveland Torso Murders

In the sixth episode of Hot Tea & Cold Cases, the girls discuss a follow up case to the Black Dahlia murder: The Cleveland Torso Murders. If you haven’t listened to the Black Dahlia episode, we highly recommend listening to both for the full story on these gruesome killings. Listen along while we recount these horrific murders, try to piece together exactly who the killer might be, and ultimately help us coin the new phrase ‘Beat the Squeeze’. Pour yourself a hot cup of tea, light a fall candle (yes the HTCC gals are ready to celebrate S p O o K y season September – October), and get ready to cringe and uncomfortably laugh your way through this weeks episode.

S2Ep02 The Shanghai Tunnels

In the second episode of Hot Tea & Cold Cases – Frosty Hauntings, the girls will be discussing the underground world of Shanghaiing – literally underground tunnels that facilitated crime and heinous acts of what we now know to be human trafficking. Join the girls as they discuss the odd and scary act of shanghaiing as well as the trapped souls that still haunt these tunnels today. Not only do they talk about crime and ghosts, but a VERY serious conversation on either Cinnamon Toast Crunch or Lucky Charms is had. Make yourself a hot cup of tea and be ready to learn all about the haunted tunnels in Portland, Oregon.

Ep05 The Villisca Axe Murders

In the return episode of Hot Tea & Cold Cases, the girls decided to take on one of the most gruesome and confusing cold cases in American history: The Villisca Axe Murders. To be honest, the girls had a hard time discussing this case because it is so dark. Keep that in mind while listening to this podcast! The girls walk through the details of the case as well as witness reports that twist and turn the episode into a real life game of Clue! Alexa helps keep facts straight as Ali describes the twists and turns of the accounts. Tune in to our fifth episode of Hot Tea & Cold Cases. Pour yourself a hot cup of tea, grab a blanket, and be sure to leave your lights ON for this episode…

Where have we been?

Hello our wonderful true crime and paranormal lovers! Some of you may be wondering where have we been for the past month? Well.. let us tell you.

First, Alexa got married!! Can you believe it? We can’t! Basically it was a magical fairy tale filled with love and lots of dancing. We spent the entire week leading up to the wedding preparing and having girls time – it was so much fun! We even did face masks and Alexa’s little sister’s mask made her look like handsome Squidward (I know you know).

Then the happy couple jetted off on their honeymoon where they spent a few nights in Florida (yes in Disney World AND Harry Potter World)… Then they took an amazing cruise to the Bahamas.

Alexa clearly takes resort wear seriously. Also they may or may not have feared for their lives on multiple occasions due to extreme lightning storms – be we AREN’T going to talk about it.

So, while Alexa and her new husband were living their best lives on the ocean drinking about 3 margaritas a day, swimming and catching some sun, you might be wondering… What was Ali doing during this time?

Well… she got new glasses? Safety first, kids, always wear a seat belt.


Be sure to tune in, pour yourself a hot cup of tea, wrap yourself in a blanket, and get ready to listen to one of our most gruesome cases covered thus far. Check in on our social media accounts for hints and episode reveals.

We missed you all and can’t wait to get back into podcasting!

Until next time…
Ali & Alexa

Break Time…


You may have noticed we did not post a podcast last week… Unfortunately we will not be posting a new podcast until August 21st!

Why, you might ask?

Well… ALEXA GOT MARRIED!!! Considering that one half on the dynamic duo of Hot Tea & Cold Cases is having the time of her life on her honeymoon… the girls are unable to record and post content while she is out.

We are sad to have to take a break from podcasting for a while… but when we come back we want our listeners to expect great content from here on out! Also keep up to date with our social media accounts because we plan to have some S p O o K y surprises in store for the month of October.

If you are craving some more content from us, be sure to listen to our first installment of Hot Tea & Cold Cases – Frosty Hauntings, as well as any previous podcast you might have missed. We are now on Apple Music, Google Play, and Spotify!

Until next time –
Ali and Alexa

S2Ep01 The Farmhouse – Frosty Hauntings

In the first episode of Hot Tea & Cold Cases – Frost Hauntings, the girls will be discussing wild dating stories from their pasts, reviewing CREEPY history regarding a charming house known as ‘The Farmhouse’ (for all you horror buffs this house is what the famous movie The Conjuring is based on), and the terrifying hauntings came after the many deaths experienced on the property. Tune in, get scared, and most importantly laugh.

Introducing… Hot Tea & Frosty Hauntings

Hello Hot Tea & Cold Cases family! We hope you have been enjoying our cold case series thus far. We are very excited to announce that after a few conversations on topics and passions we are interested in pursuing on this podcast – we have decided to create a sub-series for our podcast titled Hot Tea & Frosty Hauntings. This sub-series will feature all things haunted and spooky! Motivation for this podcast has come from the dynamic of Ali loving all things scary and Halloween and Alexa interested and intrigued by the spook but also deathly afraid (HA HA get it.. deathly). We hope to build an audience of current listeners interested in learning more about all things paranormal as well as attract new followers. Not to fret for our die hard true crime fans that couldn’t care less about the paranormal – we will continue to record podcasts dedicated to true crime cold cases, but we will add this sub-series for a little extra flair.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns – in the meantime – stay excited for our first episode of Hot Tea & Cold Cases – Frosty Hauntings sub-series that will premier next Wednesday (July 24th)!


Ali & Alexa

Ep04 Dian Fossey

In the fourth episode of Hot Tea & Cold Cases, the girls will travel deep into the jungle to discuss the amazing life of Dian Fossey and her horrific murder. We will dive into her time with the gorillas and the amazing work she contributed to gorilla conservation, the disgusting act of poaching, and a review of existing theories on her murder. If you are interested in supporting and saving gorillas, check out the website dedicated to Dian’s mission at: https://gorillafund.org

Sorry for the delay…

Hi everyone! We are sorry to share that we will not be uploading a podcast this week. Due to technical difficulties (Alexa getting sick) we are unable to upload on our regular schedule.

Don’t worry, we will be uploading our episode on Dian Fossey Wednesday the 17th! Be sure to tune in to hear about her amazing work and untimely death.

Thank you for being understanding and we look forward to everyone tuning in next week!


Ali & Alexa

Ep03 The Black Dahlia

In the third episode of Hot Tea & Cold Cases, the girls will be discussing one of the most famous cold cases in history. The horrific killing and dismemberment of Elizabeth Short a.k.a. The Black Dahlia has been a huge topic for crime buffs and amateur investigators alike. Listen to the girls talk about the details of the case, possible suspects, and a dreamy homicide detective that Alexa had a little too much fun thinking about… Tune in to find out what we think!