S3Ep03 Zombies – Pt 1

In this week’s special Halloween series episode, the girls will be talking all things Zombies! We will be learning about the history of zombies, voodoo, and zombies throughout pop culture. Find out just how many zombie movies Ali has watched and some awkward anecdotes per usual. And singing from Alexa… do with that what you will… Tune in, pour yourself a hot cup of tea, and get ready to learn all about the zombie phenomena.

S3Ep02 Vampires – Pt 2

In the second part of our Vampires series, the Hot Tea & Cold Cases girls will discuss all things Vlad the Impaler, Dracula, modern vampires, and vampire cult crimes. If you haven’t listened to part 1 yet, make sure to catch up to help understand the references and history behind everything discussed in part 2. Tune in, pour yourself a hot cup of tea (preferably a nice garlic blend if they even make that), and get ready for a roller coaster of an episode!

S3Ep01 Vampires – Pt 1

In this week’s episode of Hot Tea & Cold Cases the girls will be discussing all things vampire folk lore, legends, and diseases. Find out about vampires from around the world while Ali and Alexa tell stories and pick which vampire they would like to be. Get ready for a fun new season for the entire month of October – and be sure to tune in to part two of this episode airing on Friday. Tune in, pour yourself a hot cup of tea, and get ready to learn all about vampires.

S2Ep04 Island of the Dolls

In the fourth episode of Hot Tea & Cold Cases: Frosty Hauntings, the girls discuss the terrifying Island of the Dolls or La Isla de la Munecas in Mexico. Follow along as we discuss the harrowing story of a little girl that drowned, a man that spent his life building a shrine for her, and all of the paranormal and freaky things that happen there now. Per usual, Ghost Adventures will be cited as a source of information and you can hear the painful struggle of Ali and Alexa trying to pronounce Spanish words. Tune in, pour yourself a hot cup of tea, possibly become paranoid by any dolls you might have in your house, and get ready to enjoy this week’s episode.

Ep07 The Grimes Sisters

In the seventh episode of Hot Tea & Cold Cases the girls dive into the curious disappearance and murder of the Grimes sisters. This is a special episode because it was recorded on Friday the 13th AND the girls recorded in person TOGETHER. Listen along as we dig into the details of this crime and wonder why none of the suspects ever experienced the Jailhouse Rock… Bad joke? Sorry. Tune in, pour yourself a hot cup of tea, and get ready for yet another unsettling murder.

S2Ep03 Poveglia Island

In the third episode of Hot Tea & Cold Cases – Frosty Hauntings the girls will dive into Poveglia Island. This island is known for hundreds of years worth of death, decay, and torture. No wonder it is sometimes referred to as ‘Hell’. Join us as we discuss all of the horrific history and some ghostly tales of a sadistic doctor. Listen as Alexa tells stories of her childhood, Ali question just why Alexa tries to start the episode in song, and much more ridiculousness from these two best friends. Tune in, pour yourself a cup of hot tea (or possibly some wine produced on the fertile soil of Poveglia island), and settle in for this ghostly episode.

Ep06 The Cleveland Torso Murders

In the sixth episode of Hot Tea & Cold Cases, the girls discuss a follow up case to the Black Dahlia murder: The Cleveland Torso Murders. If you haven’t listened to the Black Dahlia episode, we highly recommend listening to both for the full story on these gruesome killings. Listen along while we recount these horrific murders, try to piece together exactly who the killer might be, and ultimately help us coin the new phrase ‘Beat the Squeeze’. Pour yourself a hot cup of tea, light a fall candle (yes the HTCC gals are ready to celebrate S p O o K y season September – October), and get ready to cringe and uncomfortably laugh your way through this weeks episode.

S2Ep02 The Shanghai Tunnels

In the second episode of Hot Tea & Cold Cases – Frosty Hauntings, the girls will be discussing the underground world of Shanghaiing – literally underground tunnels that facilitated crime and heinous acts of what we now know to be human trafficking. Join the girls as they discuss the odd and scary act of shanghaiing as well as the trapped souls that still haunt these tunnels today. Not only do they talk about crime and ghosts, but a VERY serious conversation on either Cinnamon Toast Crunch or Lucky Charms is had. Make yourself a hot cup of tea and be ready to learn all about the haunted tunnels in Portland, Oregon.

Ep05 The Villisca Axe Murders

In the return episode of Hot Tea & Cold Cases, the girls decided to take on one of the most gruesome and confusing cold cases in American history: The Villisca Axe Murders. To be honest, the girls had a hard time discussing this case because it is so dark. Keep that in mind while listening to this podcast! The girls walk through the details of the case as well as witness reports that twist and turn the episode into a real life game of Clue! Alexa helps keep facts straight as Ali describes the twists and turns of the accounts. Tune in to our fifth episode of Hot Tea & Cold Cases. Pour yourself a hot cup of tea, grab a blanket, and be sure to leave your lights ON for this episode…